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Why Yoga?

Why Yoga? 

Yoga is a way to help us handle the world we live in today. Unemployment, busy schedules, personal and professional conflicts, and those aches and pains that seem to get worse as the world around us continues to be more and more challenging – all of these things block our ability to be present in our everyday lives; to truly appreciate who we are and what we have. Yoga is a way to bring back a feeling of calm and wellness, as well as providing an excellent form of exercise.

What if I’m not athletic?
The only expectation to set for yoga is to focus on what your body can do on your mat on any given day. What are you hoping to achieve on your mat during each class? Don’t get hung up on what the person next to you can do.  This is the beauty of Yoga….it is all about you and what you can do on and off your mat.

Is this a “girl” thing? Do guys do yoga?
Smart guys do yoga too…as they have many of the same physical challenges girls do and since they have been known to internalize their thoughts and feelings, they could benefit in ways they never imagined!

So….put aside the ego and give it a try…you will be surprised at how beneficial yoga can be to your everyday life…on and off the mat. Seriously, athletes in virtually all sports use yoga to help enhance flexibility, decrease injury potential, and strengthen the muscle groups that are not developed through their sport. And no worries…..spandex is not mandatory…but feel free to wear it if you like!!

What do I need for a class?
We will provide all the props you will need; blocks, straps, pillows, and even mats at no additional charge. We do, however, suggest purchasing your own mat since using ours is a little like using someone else’s towel.  We even have a great storage shelf so you don’t have to bring it back and forth….or forget it!
Wear clothes that allow you to move, but keep in mind that some poses will have you reaching for your toes, and baggy t-shirts have a tendency to ride up over your head and low rising pants will….well….ride down…… Shoes are not used during yoga; socks are optional, but be careful not to slip on your mat!
Why Self Awakening Yoga Studio?
Our guiding principle at Self Awakening Yoga Studio is to provide a haven for all who seek balance, inner peace and strength through movement and breathing – the foundations of Yoga. You will receive what you are looking for if you look deep enough….and we welcome you as you are and hope to be part of your journey toward balance, inner peace and strength in your life.    


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