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Is Beginner Yoga Really Just For Beginners?

Not in my experience.

If you are stepping onto your mat for the very first time or if you have been there 1,000 times you should find something new because we are all beginners at heart..if we are true to ourselves that is.  Do we really  master anything to its’ fullest think we are done learning and move on to the next challenge ?

For me, as I age…gracefully I hope, there is always something to learn on and off the mat. And the more think I know, the less I it turns out I factually do know.

Who do I learn the most from?  Kids….their perspective is an eye opener.  They see things through unfiltered glasses and are great teachers about life’s ups and downs.

Every time I am on my mat I try to learn something new…about myself….and from those around me.  For example:  The other day I learned that the more I avoid hip openers…the more I need them. I also learned that sometimes when somebody asks you a question the truth is not always the best answer.  Not that I condone lying, but perhaps taking just a moment to think before speaking is the way to go.

I am also learning that simply not talking so much provides listening opportunities…which I guess I always knew but perhaps wasn’t ready for..until now.’s to all beginners!

Just some rambling thoughts to share….


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This entry was posted on January 24, 2010 by in beginner class.
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