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The most advanced yoga pose…

Some might think the most advanced yoga pose might be wheel, hand/head stand, crow, bird of paradise….just to name a few, but they might be surprised to hear what my most advanced pose is.

Drum roll please…..any and every modification. Surprise…it’s not the actual pose, but the stepping away from the pose and allowing my body to fully open and sing which more times than not is achieved through modification!

Even something sort of, kind of, simple like high plank allows me to achieve my greatest potential when I set my knees down. And I don’t loose a thing. In fact from the crown of my head to my tail bone actually represents a plank and my core is more fully engaged.

Go figure!!! Letting go of the ego allows me to be more open than a book!!


2 comments on “The most advanced yoga pose…

  1. YogaSpy
    October 25, 2010

    I agree here. One’s fullest, finest expression of a pose might not be textbook perfect, but be absolutely “right.”

    My hardest pose is savasana. Once the body is still and relaxed, the only thing left is the mind. And it is much harder for me to work on the mind than the body.


    • selfawakeningyogastudio
      October 26, 2010

      Thank you for your reply. That was my most advanced pose when I first began….now it is my deepest pose!

      Most advanced for me is over riding my ego in favor of my inner wisdom and taking knees down in high plank or using blocks in runners pose to deepen.

      Have a great day and continue to open your ears and listen to your breath!

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