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From Student To Teacher To Student!

It is so true:  We never stop learning….well as long as we keep an open mind and heart that is!

When I started practicing yoga in 2004 I wasn’t sure it was for me.  You know…that whole breathing in and breathing out thing…being silent at the start and end of class…and just learning to listen to my inner self…whatever that meant….seemed beyond my reach.

But…being an A-type personality, I stuck with it and here I am nearly 7 years later:  studio owner, teacher, and student and blogging about it!

What amazes me the most it that I began to teach out of necessity; a way to lower payroll for sure, but also a way to ensure my students would always have a teacher when they arrive for class. And now I live to teach and teach to live!  If I thought the students at Self Awakening wanted to take my class every time they came to their mat, I would absolutely teach all 24+ classes!  But alas, I am convinced that variety is, even in yoga, the spice of life!

Even more amazing to me is how much I learn as a teacher.  Leading, nurturing, observing, and being the person they look to for their experience is the most grounding and humbling experience for me; aside from being a mom and grandmother that is.  I mean….WOW…it is powerful.  But not powerful in the sense that I have power over my students…rather the opposite…I take the responsibility very seriously and focus on learning at least one thing from every single class I teach.

Last night I taught an All Level Vinyasa Flow Class that consisted of new to yoga, injured and returning to yoga,  and experienced yoga students.  And my take away was: No matter where we are in our practice, we are all new to yoga each and every time we come to our mat!! Warrior I is always a new pose because our minds, bodies, and breath are always new when we arrive.

I am filled with gratitude for this lesson and often cannot believe that this is now my life!

I would love to hear what lessons you learn as a teacher.

Peace and warmth,



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