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To Set an Intention Or Not…

For those of you who have not experienced yoga….yet…students often set an intention at the beginning of class. This is typically a suggestion from the teacher, but not everybody knows what that means and some students even feel intimidated if they don’t know what their intention is “supposed” to be.

I know…..I was one of those students waaaay back in 2004 when I took my first yoga class. I could not imagine what the teacher meant….a prayer? Did it have to be for someone or something? Is it mandatory? If I pick me is that selfish? Is somebody keeping track? All of a sudden I began to sweat just sitting there. I mean….will she know if I don’t come up with one????

Turns out the sweat, intimidation and stress were for naught. Why? Because I learned almost instantly that if I wanted to set an intention for myself, my practice, or somebody/thing I could. But if I didn’t want to or wasn’t moved to….nobody but me knew.

So…my first intention was to embrace the process of setting an intention! Go figure…that simple. And without even realizing it, I began to set an intention not to struggle so much in my practice…to soften my jaw and relax my shoulders so I could find the joy in each pose that the teacher was talking about.

Before long, and again, without self-realization, I was moved to send my intentions toward a friend going through a difficult time, toward my grand-kids, and my aging mother…pretty heady stuff right?

Heady stuff is not required and there have been times when my intentions went to A Red Sox World Series, A Patriots Super Bowl, Bruins Stanley Cup….yep…I am from New England…..and even for non pro local sports..the economy and LOTS of times….little ol’ me 🙂

So…you see…the intention is mine…it is personal…and it should not be mandatory or forced!

If you are a teacher how do you offer the intention? If you are a student, what are your thoughts on intentions?

By all means share…..but only if you are moved to.


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This entry was posted on October 27, 2010 by in inner peace, vinyasa flow, yoga.
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