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Not Even 2nd to Last!

Well…I did it….I started,  finished AND I beat my projected time by 4+ minutes! And I wasn’t last or 2nd to last….not that there would have been anything wrong with that.  

Seriously, once I go there and looked around at all of the brave folks who were going to compete, not just doing one leg of the race, but all three, I began to understand that just finishing even if I came in last would be perfect! It just turned out that I had more gas in the tank than I realized and was able to pull ahead of 8 or so runners.

The best part of the entire race….was the entire race.  From the 1st step to the last I was in the present moment appreciating the fact that I could be there participating with so many bright lights.

This race was full of truly beautiful people of all ages, genders, sizes and ability coming together to cheer, high-five, and support each other even though we were total strangers. Very humbling and moving experience.

And when I turned that last corner down the home stretch and saw my beautiful granddaughter waving her arms and cheering me on telling me how great I was doing…..I was literally moved to tears…then she turned and gave the signal to grampa, so he could get ready to take off on his bike, and his smile split his face when he saw me sprinting toward him doing better than I had hoped….priceless.  A day I will forever remember and cherish!

Thank you to all of the race volunteers and cheerleaders along the way.  What a feeling seeing and hearing complete strangers cheering me on…telling me what a great job I was doing.  Imagine that….me doing a great job….my smile just grew and grew with each cheer.

It was the best time EVER!!!!

Next race Thanksgiving morning….gobble, gobble, gobble! Who’s with me??


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This entry was posted on October 31, 2010 by in balance, duathlon, Flexibility, health, inner peace, Life, Lightness, Race, Running, Welless, yoga.
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