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The things I love about teaching yoga.

There was a time when I would think about the things I love about taking yoga.  But these days, I find myself thinking about the things I love about teaching yoga.

Here are the first 10 that come to mind:

  • I love to help students realize that their deepest pose is usually discovered while modified
  • I love expressing my passion for the beauty and simplicity that is yoga
  • I love to observe students when they smile during class without being reminded to – and sometimes without even realizing they are smiling
  • I love to see a student’s body “sing” during class
  • I love to learn from my students
  • I love breathe with my students
  • I love it when my students tell me that they got exactly what they came for
  • I love it when a student realizes that “aha” moment
  • I love it when an advanced student comes to a beginner class and LOVES it
  • I love it when a beginner comes to an advanced class and overrides their ego – staying with their modified practice

Simply put:  I absolutely love teaching more than I ever imagined and am full of gratitude every time I step through the door and students are there to provide me the opportunity to teach!


One comment on “The things I love about teaching yoga.

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