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Which comes first….the breath or the asana (pose)?

As a teacher I watch students approach their practice from the perspective of coming into the pose.  Focused on getting it right the first time. Not that there is anything wrong with that. 

My observation is that typically a student can get so focused on deepening the twist, holding low plank 1/2 way, closing the bind, etc. they miss the single most important pose, at least in my humble opinion that allows them to deepen, and that is the breath. 

When students learn  how to connect with their breath and then come back to it in each pose, one day without even knowing it, their twist deepens, their bind closes and their low plank is a thing of beauty.  What I call the “Aha” moment.

It takes practice, but deepening, connecting and coming back to the breath is almost always followed by  that “Aha” moment which is

Beginner Workshop

a deeper expression of the pose.

Your thoughts?


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This entry was posted on November 6, 2010 by in asana, beginner class, Flexibility, inner peace, workshops, yoga poses, yoga student.
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