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Building Community….One Step At A Time

When I first bought my yoga business I thought the way to build community was to hold a free “community” class once per week where students would, in lieu of paying for class, bring an item for a designated organization in need.  I would teach the class so there would be no expense to the studio and we would be turning them away.

But, alas, the scenario that I had painted for myself did not come to fruition.  Maybe I was attaching too much; expecting too much of these new customers before we built trust with each other ~ it was after all my scenario, right?  And was it fair to be disappointed when things didn’t turn out as I had planned for the unknowing students?

So I stepped back and let go of my original expectation ~ the picture I had formed in my mind ~ and something altogether different began to happen.  Without even realizing that I was tapping into my prior Human Resources experience, I began introducing students to each other ~ especially in my smaller classes ~ as a way to increase comfort levels. Sort of like the “buddy system” that companies employ.

And before I knew it I began to notice this subtle shift where students were greeting each other by name; asking how their week had gone; chatting before and after class ~ sharing a piece of themselves with others.

Aha…the new look of community!  I love it, I love the students, I love the studio, I LOVE YOGA!!!! I love to be a part of and watch these transformations evolve.

Getting To Know One Another


One comment on “Building Community….One Step At A Time

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    November 28, 2010

    one can argue that it can go both ways

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