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Will That Class Be Too Hard For Me?

This is a common question I get from my students whose schedule may only have an opening for a class they don’t normally take.  For example:  They are in an All Level Class but due to extenuating circumstances may only be able to make an Hour of Power Class.

Hence the question:  “Will the Hour of Power be too hard for me”?

My answer:  “Only if you let it be”.

Having been a yoga student for more years than I have been teaching I learned along the way that yoga is learning how to tune in to your body’s cues.  If something doesn’t feel right, regardless of the teacher’s instruction or what other students are doing on their mat, simply don’t do it.

If 3-legged dog is difficult with your standing leg straight, take your knee down to deepen the torso stretch, the core engagement and your overall feeling of joy and comfort in the pose.  If you are looking to challenge yourself or are ready to deepen the pose, then perhaps standing on a straight leg for 1 or 2 breaths and then taking the knee down is a possibility.

If high plank is too much for your arms or your hips are dipping down or pressing up too high…..take your knees down.  The integrity of the “plank” still exists from the tailbone to the crown of the head and you are likely more grounded and able to strengthen the core rather than shaking, dipping or making it too hard for yourself. This why it is called “Yoga Practice”.

So….”too hard” is a relative term….relative to what you are looking for each time you step on your mat.

Yoga, for me, has evolved from “I must do it all and look like others” to “I must enjoy my journey and focus on my growth along the way”.


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