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“I’m Not Flexible Enough To Start Yoga!”


What??? That’s like saying, I have to lose 30 pounds and get in shape before I join the gym.  Or swim a mile without stopping before I start swimming…..or perform brain surgery before I enroll in medical school!

Okay, the last example might be a bit dramatic, but I think you see where I am going with this.  In order to achieve your goal, you must take the first step…identify your reason for starting, make a plan, execute the plan….baby steps.  Otherwise it is unlikely you will meet your goal.

My husband and I were at a Christmas Party last night and when people found out we own a yoga studio some of them “got it” and others said, “so what do you actually do?”.  Others even said, “sitting cross-legged and chanting ohm is SO not for me”.  And yet others said, “can you actually get into those pretzel poses??”

Which led to a familiar discussion on the drive home about how, when, and why yoga may have gotten such a bad rap or at a minimum so misunderstood.  And better yet, how to persuade the non-believers, in 30 – 45 seconds,  to try 3 classes just to see how different the real thing is from their misconception.

One of my challenges is that I am so passionate and enthusiastic about yoga that when asked about its’ benefits I tend to appear as if I am on the proverbial soapbox. And I cannot, in my opinion do yoga the justice it deserves in just 30 – 45 seconds, but eyes glaze over when the explanation expands beyond this “window”.

So I am now challenged to develop my yoga “elevator speech” which I will try out on all of you in my next blog!

Or feel free to weigh in if you have your own “elevator speech”.

Here are some keys words to help me set the foundation: Breath, breathe, relax, movement with breath, presence, balance, peace….more to come.


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