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Why Is It The First Thing We Give Up Is…

Demands increase on our time; maybe the kids are sick, your presence at school is required, it’s the holiday season which means shopping, wrapping, parties and all the stress that comes with the hustle and bustle of the season.  And what’s the first thing we cut out?? Time for ourselves.  Yoga, cardio, meditation, reading, whatever “time for ourselves” actually means in our individual lives.

Just when we need it the most….the time to breathe, get centered, be present in our life….we allow time, or the lack of it, to steer us off of our path.  But if you stick to your practice, or  “that time for yourself”  you will actually be able to offer those around you more of yourself…not less.

Take time for yourself!

So save yourself the distraction and hold your ground(ing)!


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