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What Does Christmas Mean To You?

For the past week I have been hearing the same Christmas theme:

I don’t have enough time, money, or creative mind power for Christmas. 

The malls are too crowded ~ ugh!

The traffic is out of control ~ ugh!

I can’t believe I  have to travel ~ ugh!

My employer is only observing the holiday on Friday ~ ugh!

Too many parties; too much food/drink….

I haven’t yet heard:

I am so blessed to be with my family ~ hooray!

I am so glad that people are spending money during this tough economic time ~ hooray!

My family and I have agreed not to buy each other (adults..that is) gifts in observance of the truer meaning of Christmas ~ hooray!

My employer is observing the holiday on Friday rather than Saturday so I get an extra day off…with pay ~ hooray!

I get to stand back and listen, learn and observe as these beautiful folks rush through their lives during this extra special time and while I cannot quote the real meaning of Christmas, I can tell you how much I love being with my family and friends and how blessed I am to have a roof over my head, food in my belly, and love all around me.

How about you?


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