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Keep On Breathing….

Here in New Hampshire and Massachusetts we are getting hammered with snow.  And I don’t mean a flurry here and there.  I am talking about successive storms dropping 8 – 20 inches each time!  And I can see the frustration, both physical and mental, building each time we get hit again.

All I can say is….keep on breathing, stretching, and staying focused on each present moment.

Even if you cannot get to an organized yoga or meditation class, close your eyes wherever you are and breathe deeply through the nose.  Repeat this simple mantra:  “I breathe in” when breathing in and “I breathe out” when breathing out.

And reach for your toes, reach for the sky, bend to the left, bend to the right.

Simple, simple stuff…..don’t let the weather get you too down….after all, you cannot do anything about it.


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This entry was posted on February 4, 2011 by in balance, Flexibility, health, inner peace, Life, Lightness, Welless.
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