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The choices we make…

I genuinely believe that each choice we make brings us to the present moment….for better or for worse.

Many believe that certain choices are made for us….but for me….at the end of the day, I am where I am because of the choice(s) I made.

For example, it occurred to me a while after the event that my lay off in July of 2009 was my choice because of the image I projected and vibrations that I sent out when I went to work every day.  The projection and vibrations that screamed “I hate this job; this company; it’s vision; its new leaders, and am no longer on the same path as it!” So when the time came to decide whose position should be eliminated it was easy to choose mine…after all….it was glaringly obvious that I was not happy and  might see the forced transition, one I could not seem to initiate on my own,  as a blessing in disguise.

And while that 6 figure income was missed, the drama and turmoil that went with it were not.  If I had not projected such displeasure in an indirect way, I might still be there and I would have missed this fantastic path that I am on.

While this was not an obvious choice like which boots to wear, which movie to watch, how much money to save or spend, or even to buy a yoga studio, it was an indirect choice, made by others as a result of my actions, that put me on this path.  And it is a GREAT place to be.

I am thankful each and every day for this current path and continue to have faith, trust, and belief in my ability to make direct or indirect choices that find me on my own true path….for better or for worse.



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This entry was posted on February 5, 2011 by in balance, health, inner peace, Life, Lightness, Uncategorized, Welless.
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