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Shop Around First….

A room that is the view....

 If you are looking for a  new or  first yoga studio, do yourself a favor and shop around before you decide you are “home”.

That is to say, unless you are certain you have landed “home” the moment you walk through the door, go to at least a couple of studios to determine if the fit is right.

That fit can be anything from the cost to practice, the location, the scent of the studio, how students interact with one another, the cleanliness of the studio, teacher availability before/after class and many other items.

Do you feel like you are “home” when you arrive?  Warmly welcomed by the owner, teacher, other students? 

Are you encouraged to be you….simply you and no one else on your mat?

Do you leave wanting more and excited about the possibility of deepening your favorite pose….or conquering your most challenging pose?

Is every visit another step in your transformation?

If you can answer yes to these questions….you are likely exactly where are meant to be.


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