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I learn so much as a teacher!

And the teacher becomes the student

When preparing to teach tonight’s class, I put together a new sequence that consisted of mostly balancing poses.   I thought this would be a great sequence for the first day of a new week. Monday’s do tend to test our balance, right?

But when I got to the studio I realized that my notes were down in the car….and it was cold and dark outside….. so I figured I would wait and see who came to class and “wing” it.

As is so often the case, the energy of the students directed the sequence and it turned out to be 180 of the original plan.

The end result?  A slow vinyasa burn that was joyful to teach and embraced by the class.

They thanked me, but the thanks go to them….it was they who inspired me!

Ahhh…teaching….such a grounding experience.


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