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Keep Your Heart Open


 I recently discovered Melody Beattie through my fabulous friend and teacher, Lois. 

Time Magazine describes Beattie this way, “Beattie understands being overboard, which helps her throw bestselling lifelines to those still adrift.”

I purchased Beattie’s Journey To The Heart, that is filled with daily meditations. Every time I pick this book up and randomly open to a page, I am moved by her intelligence, experiences,  and thankful that she has chosen to share them with us.

Here is today’s daily meditation:

Keep your Heart Open

Keep your heart open even when you can’t have what you want. It’s easy to keep our heart open to life’s magic and all its possibilities when we have what we want.  It’s more of a challenge, and more necessary than ever, to keep our hearts open when we can’t have what we want.

Even on the best journey, things happen.  Plans change.  Things shift and move around. This shifting and moving causes doors to close, relationships to end, blocks and frustrations to appear on our path.  For now, that is what we see. For now, what we know is disappointment.  We can’t have what we want, and it hurts.  When that happens, our tendency may be to shut down, close our hearts, forget all we’ve learned.

Keep your heart open anyway.  Consciously choose to do that.  Yes, you can go away, you can leave, you can shut down, but you don’t need to.  Now is a turning point.  If you choose to open your heart, even when you can’t have you want, miracles will unfold.

 For now, remember this.  Even though you don’t have what want you right now, keep your heart open anyway.  Later, you’ll see more. You’ll see how it worked out.  How it needed to be just so.

You can, if you are interested, visit the author online at


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