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Send Yourself Love Letters…Melodie Beatty

Happy Valentines Day!  I have had a busy several days and apologize for taking those days from blogging…but slowing down and paying attention to those who mean the most to me in my life was what the doctor ordered.

With that in mind I am sharing the following on this day where we can show ourselves and others unconditional and genuine love simply by sending thoughts!

Sending love letters to people we care about is a rewarding experience, both for us and for them.  Making the time to take pen in hand and express our thoughts is valuable.  But there’s another way to send love letters, too.  This way takes as much time and attention as writing a loving notes does, but it doesn’t require a pen and paper.  It requires concentrated thought.

There’s an invisible thread of energy winding through the universe, one that connects us all.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can tell if someone’s angry or upset with you, even if you haven’t talked to or seen this person?  You can feel his or her anger, even if you haven’t been physically present to experience it.  Thoughts have power, particularly those charged with intense emotional energy.  When we think mean, bitter thoughts, it can be like sending hate mail along our connecting wires.  It can almost be a sensory attack.

Why not send loving thoughts charged with positive emotional energy?  We can consciously choose to use our connections to others to send love.  Send positive thoughts.  Blessings. Peace.  Assistance in time of crisis.  We can send our thoughts in the form of a prayer; or we can simply think a blessing or positive thought, charge it with energy, and send it along the wires with love.

 When someone you know or love comes to mind, or even someone you don’t …perhaps someone in another part of the country or the  world,   perhaps someone going through a particular crisis….and you’re not certain what do , send a love letter.  Your loving thoughts will touch them and your blessings will all come back to you.


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