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Are You Looking At Me?

The answer to that question in our studio is  “No, I am concentrating on my own breath, my own rhythm, my own space. I have no interest in your size, shape, gender or ability…as it relates to me.”  I do have interest in you as a fellow human being and I do have interest in sharing your successes and listening to your challenges.  I am completely interested in your positive energy and light and am grateful that you are sharing them with me. But I am not noticing which asanas you can or cannot do.”

This is, to me, the beauty of yoga and a studio that encourages growth and development from the inside out. No mirrors, no competition, no judgement of self and others, no comparison.  Just you on your mat, doing what your breath and body allows you to do. Taking resting pose and staying there for the whole class if that is what your inner wisdom is asking of you.  As long as you are breathing in and breathing out….finding stillness, making that connection, I am not looking at you.

So if you are avoiding gyms or organized fitness groups because you are concerned everybody is looking at you….try yoga.  You will feel the love the moment you enter the space…at least our space.  Yoga, to me, is not exercise but meditation in motion…breathing strength and length into my body, breathing out anything left over.


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