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My Butt Hurts!

Standing Pigeon

Recently I stepped out of my studio and accepted a regular, full-time Human Resources position that has me sitting at a desk, Monday – Friday for 8 hours and wearing heels, both of which I haven’t done for 18 months!  And while I admit the heels are not mandatory they do complete the outfit. Sitting at the desk, though, is mandatory and I don’t get up very often. But I when I do…man am I stiff!

So you can just imagine the verbal thrashing my lower back, backside, shoulders, neck, hips, hamstrings, ankles, feet are receiving…wait, it’s probably easier to say what isn’t screaming at me….ummmm….maybe my teeth…..but no, sometimes I grind them! I think you get the picture, right?

 So here I am sitting 8 hours per day for the past 5 weeks thinking, “this is simply not working for me, which means it’s hard for me to concentrate on all the tasks at hand”, but what to do about it.  Oh wait, I’m a  yoga teacher….so do yoga. Right, I knew I had skills….which led me to incorporate seated cat/cow, side twists, reaching overhead and other body openers as I call them. I also found a standing pigeon move that can be done at my desk on a great link, which I have provided in the next paragraph.

If you are concerned with posture, alignment, and overall comfort, I highly recommend “yoga at your desk” .  Click here and share it with your cubicle or office mates.

Not only does it help my physical comfort level, but it enhances my focus, productivity and ability to interact with employees not to mention the stamina and energy needed to return to my studio at the end of every work day and either teach a class, take a class, perform check in, or clean!!!

But the good new is….my butt doesn’t hurt anymore!


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