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In a passage from his book, “A Life Worth Breathing”, Max Strom says Health is a little like money:  You can pay nor or you can pay later.  If you pay now with willpower, you will likely not have to pay later with your health. When we strive to take positive action, we often get stuck in the swamp of feeling overwhelmed.  We look toward the future and feel convinced that the road is too steep to climb. “When overwhelmed, the mind freezes in a kind of paralysis and will believe, “It’s too big of a change: I just can’t do it.” And so we stay as we are because the end result, our “vision board” is simply out of reach. Max contends that if we release the imagined future and focus on the present moment our success rate will improve dramatically.

 After a conversation over the weekend with a loved one, who is in a dark place right now…one filled with self-loathing, self-recrimination, and judgement, I opened Mr. Strom’s book at random to this.

Forget about what you are going to do tomorrow; it doesn’t matter, because tomorrow doesn’t exist except as a concept when it comes to eating.  Tomorrow always arrives as today.  Forget the fact that when you look in the mirror you can see the result of overeating from yesterday, because there is absolutely nothing you can do about that.  Remember that looking at the future overwhelms your mind with all the work it has to do, and to look at the results of the past may induce self-loathing.  All you have power over is this hour; just control yourself this hour.  Be balanced in this hour.  If you can control your eating this hour, that’s all you can do, and that’s all you need to do.

This technique applies to more than just weight loss or gain according to Strom.  You can apply it to how you live your life. You cannot rectify all of your problems in one day any more than you can lose 100 pounds in a day.  This knowledge is the essence of our day-to-day practice.  Each day, this is what I can do.  Not tomorrow; what can I do today?  The familiar Alcoholics Anonymous slogan, “one day at a time”, is similar in its lesson.  Do something that’s just a little right, a little bit each day. 

So rather than think we are denying ourselves of our favorite unhealthy snack or meal, what if we think, “I am denying myself sickness and obesity”?

Is it as easy as reading,  thinking, or typing these words? Absolutely not, but if yours is, in fact, a life worth breathing….then perhaps you will go ahead and take your first step.


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