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I bet many of you know what a Vision Board is, have made one or two and, better yet, your dream has come true! And good for you!!

I, on the other hand, have only heard of them and, if I can be honest, even scoffed at them.  I mean, I barely got excited in grade school when I had to create art projects, never mind figure out how to make my dream come true! And now that I look back on that grade school experience it seems suspiciously like a vision board. Granted our visions were simpler and I am sure easier to reach back then…since we were, after all, only 10 -12 years old and yet….erily similar.

But is this really a good enough reason to be closed-minded and judgemental about something so simple yet reportedly so powerful?  Maybe….but then again…

As life happens. I have had 3 conversations over the past 2 weeks, completely unsolicited on my part I may add, about vision boards. It’s as if the universe is taunting me to grow up (funny, right??) and give it a try. 

In fact, my very good friend and fellow vision board scoffer, whose name I will not divulge , and I spent a good chunk of time over the weekend talking about changes in our lives we would like to see; how to make them happen; who would be affected, you know, the usual and before we knew what hit us, we were discussing….cue a gasp….VISION BOARDS!!

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t mix our blood and run right out to Staples on our way home for supplies, but I did sense that we had become cautious believers – at a minimum – thinking to ourselves, “what have we got to lose?” 

Now I cannot speak for my friend, but I  have been conjuring up my vision board and am ready to make that darn collage…as soon as I borrow some supplies from my granddaughter that is!

Wanting to make sure I fully understand the concept, I did some research and found this great link for those of you who are

a) believers who didn’t know where/how to start or

b) fellow vision board scoffers at a cross-roads in their life willing to open their minds and take a chance!

This link is for you, my dear friend.  You know who you are.


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