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So…last Friday night I went to my grandson’s  11th birthday party that was held at Jordan’s Furniture in Reading MA.  The party wasn’t actually in the furniture store….but in retrospect perhaps I wish it had been!

Jordan’s has an inside theme park offering trapeze lessons. What a great birthday idea!  One I had never heard of, been to, or thought I would ever be a part of and I was excited to “watch” the events unfold from 6:15 – 9:00 pm!

When an unexpected opportunity to “fly” came up I volunteered to seize it. I was asked by my grown son who, by the way, did not volunteer to seize the same opportunity, which perhaps should have been my first red flag…the 2nd should have been the look on my husband’s face and the 3rd should have been the burger and fries sitting in the pit of my stomach.  

But then I thought, sight unseen of course, how hard could it be if 10 and 11 year olds were doing it?!? My son fell out of a tree when he was 10 or 11…perhaps the experience had a longer lasting effect on him than I realized….and that’s why he didn’t “jump at the chance” to fly with the greatest of ease. And being the loving mother/grandmother/mother-in-law that I am, I simply wanted to help in any way that I could.

Over I walked to the staging area…laughing and joking along the way, thinking this would be a breeze…no pun intended!  Then I looked up at the GIANT metal staircase that must have had at least 100 steps….and reality began to sink in.

Once the vertigo stopped from looking up and the burger and fries took their last (at least I hoped) flip, I took that deep yogic breath that I have mastered over the years, put a big  smile (sort of) on my face and stepped up to the counter.

Here I got my hand stamped, had my safety belt put on (tight enough to make me wonder if it would leave a mark), signed a waiver promising that “no matter what” my surviving family members could not sue Jordan’s and then was told to take a seat with the kids who, by the way, looked at me in that, “you can’t be serious” face, but were too polite to say so. All except my two loving grandkids, who were beyond excited that I had decided to join them. What is it about kids that they love when adults do something crazy???

So…I took my seat with the kids all in a neat row of folding chairs right in front of and beneath the actual trapeze “thing”. What a great view!  At first I thought “this is great….I can learn what to do right and how to avoid what to do wrong as I watch. But then my thought process changed and I started thinking, “but they’re kids, fearless and lighter with more efficient digestive systems and panic began inching its way into my soul. That big smile may still have been on my face, but I am pretty sure it had left my eyes and my heart, and butterflies had joined the burger and fries! And was it my imagination or was the line moving really, really, fast? 

Just as I began to think, “what am I thinking”, the kid to my left, anxious for his 2nd turn, all but gave me an elbow in the side and said, “move it grannie, time’s a wastin’.  Yikess.. it was my turn….my turn to begin the climb to the top….and as I looked back at my grandkids, my husband, son, and other loved ones, all with expectant and still somewhat shocked looks on their loving faces, I knew I had to do it.  And with a brevity that was escaping me at the moment, I ascended the 100 steps, stepped over the edge, powdered my hands,  and took flight!

And it was absolutely fantastically amazing!!!  First off….the burger and fries stayed put, second off… the butterflies flew beside me and third off….I didn’t scream, cry, or fall!  And best of all???  I nailed a perfect back flip….well…perfect in my mind, which is really all that mattered!

 And everybody cheered and clapped and all the kids said, “are you going to do it again????” and I said, “ah…NO”! 

But I am glad to have done it. My yoga students will confirm that one of my favorite sayings to share while teaching a class is, “the way you do anything is the way you do everything” and I like to believe that I do everything with gusto, curiosity and integrity…even when flying! 

And when the Flying Wallenda’s call to book me for their next show, I will say with great gusto……..”ah…..NO”!!



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  2. Gigi Disenhof
    March 8, 2011

    Hi Barbara! That’s so great that you tried the trapeze! I was there a few months ago (at the furniture store) and watched in amazement as people flew back and forth!


    • selfawakeningyogastudio
      March 9, 2011

      Hi Gigi:

      How wonderful to hear from you!

      Thank you for your reply. It really was a great experience that I would do again…but I would certainly eat after.

      We have some great things going on at the studio and would welcome your energy in the mix.

      Peace and warmth Gigi,


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