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Put your talents to use....NOW!!

I had a blog all ready to go this morning and then received the piece below taken from the book, “A Shot In The Arm” written by Sharon Lee Riguzzi, a beloved Weight Watchers manager,who lost her battle with cancer a few years ago. And I absolutely LOVE the quote below by Anais Nin.

As we approach the month of March…. and hopefully turn the page towards “spring” … this “shot” reminds us that we all come into the world with our own special “gifts” … and how great it would be to take ownership of these gifts and use them!!!  

VOL. 4 – Issue 9, February 27, 2003

Thought for the Week —
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

–Anais Nin  (Author)

Everywhere I look, I find remarkable people. They are blessed with leadership qualities, or charismatic personalities, or artistic talent, or endless dedication. Filled with amazement, I watch as these people settle disputes, put out fires, sing an aria, or set a record. I can’t help but shake my head in amazement at someone like Sarah Hughs who can land a perfect triple axle!

But guess what: even these awe-inspiring individuals carry around some insecurity. A top-notch labor negotiator may still look in the mirror in the morning and say, “Do these pants make me look thin?” A newly promoted employee may hear that inner voice taunting, “You built yourself up too much! You can’t do this job!”

The human factor envelops all of us. The problem is that some of us get so sealed in that giant envelope, we cannot get free. We are stuck; a captive audience for our own negative messages: “Who do you think you are? What makes you think you deserve this? Everybody else makes a better impression than you do. You might as well give up now. You know you’ll never succeed at this!” Am I striking any chords?

The fact is we all come into this world with special gifts. Some people rip open the package and run with it — while others seem to be intent upon keeping their gifts in pristine condition.

Folks, what are we waiting for? These gifts were meant to be used.

Anyone out there contending they have no talents? If that’s the message you’ve been giving yourself, then that has become your belief. Let’s shake the tree a bit:

Write down five talents you possess. (I will wait. I can be very patient.)

1. _________

2. _________

3. _________

4. _________

5. _________

If you have difficulty coming up with your list, ask some friends to help. But remember, you cannot discount anything they tell you. (The sad thing is you’d probably have no problem if you were asked to list five things you aren’t good at.)

We need to take ownership of our gifts and use them. Insecurities become less and less as we use our talents more and more.

So, as March approaches, let’s tone up our talent muscles! Our self-confidence will grow, we will feel better about ourselves, and we might even attempt to tackle some of those things we don’t think we are good at!

Start unwrapping your gifts and watch what happens, you remarkable you!

Be well,


© 2003. Sharon Lee Riguzzi. All Rights Reserved.

How great is that??  And knowing all of you, it was easy to come up with your 5 talents. The hard part was only having 5 lines, right?

So…put those talents to use.  Stand tall, breathe deeply, and make your mark.  Be that bright light in YOUR life today.

Please your reply, if you have one, in the box below!


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