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Sometimes it pays to return to the beginning!

I was reminded recently of how important it is to listen to my inner wisdom in favor of  my ego when a new associate recounted  her experience of rushing back to her A game after nursing an injury.

Before her injury, she had been an active fitness nut, she biked, swam, skied, and hiked…and when she got the all clear from her doctor she returned to her A game…listening to her ego….in favor of her inner wisdom and ended up right back where she had been.

Her first foray back to fitness, she tackled the slopes of France hitching a ride directly past the bunny slope all the way  to the tippy top of the black diamond trail. She felt great, full of energy, eager to prove she hadn’t lost any headway and off she went…or should I say, down she went!

You probably have a good idea of how this is going to end, right? Yep, she is back on the side lines! And while she now recognizes that she should have gone back to the beginning…..maybe not all the way back to the bunny slope, but at least somewhere in between….she couldn’t reconcile with her ego at the time.  “The trouble” she said “was I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t pick up where I left off.”

Natch I wanted to ask how that had worked out, but a) I already knew the answer; b) I didn’t want to make an enemy of a new friend so quickly and c) I have been there myself on many occasions.

But I did appreciate the story and was reminded once again of the benefits of overriding my ego in favor of my inner wisdom. The benefits that almost always take me back to the beginning where I reestablish my alignment, stability, confidence and trust.   Not to mention peace, balance, and the ability to keep on keeping on! In short, my A game.

So whether it is skiing, running, biking, swimming or yoga….take yourself back to the beginning and when your ego speaks up….tap into your inner wisdom ~ I guarantee the outcome will be what you were looking for……at least in the long run.

Now excuse me….I have a trapeze to tackle!!

As always…I love to hear your comments, feeback, discussions etc…but please leave in the “Leave A Reply” box just below this blog. 

Peace and warmth,



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