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The Right Direction Is No Small Feet!

This morning on my way to work I was behind a driver who was going very slow, even for the slow lane, who did not seem to be completely in control of the vehicle that she was responsible for. Of course, when I passed the car, I had to look over to see what was going on; was she ill?  lost?  crying??

Nope she was driving with a cigarette in her left hand, which was propped against her open window to allow the smoke to exit freely from her space,  and her cell phone in her right hand on an active call. The only part of either hand touching the steering wheel seemed to be the ring, pinky finger and thumb of the cigarette holding hand!! Yes…I really looked that hard.

Yikes!!  Aside from the obvious, “accident waiting to happen” scenario, I had to wonder where this driver’s mind was. Or to the point, wasn’t. Talk about NOT being in the present moment or even anywhere near it. And what do you want to bet that she reached her destination without even remembering the journey. Such a shame, but SO prevalent in our society, right?  Everybody is rushing around, but where are we all going??  And what happens when we get there?? We rush to go someplace else. No time to notice, to listen, to breathe, or simply to be. Are we really listening to our kids, spouses, friends or are we “someplace else” while they are trying to tell us where they are?  Do we miss subtle signals they are sending and then wonder later on why they didn’t tell us what was on their mind??

I know from what I speak…I once was a multi-tasking super women…trying to juggle a lot of people and activities in my life and I was very adept…or so I thought.  But like most of us, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.. and what I didn’t know was how much I was missing.

It started when I entered my first yoga class in 2004 and through a consistent committment to myself and my practice, it became glaringly apparent to me just what I was missing… itself!  Now don’t get me wrong…I am not saying that I am present every single second of every single day, but I come pretty close each and every day and for that I am thankful.

And so often it is life’s observations like I witnessed this morning that make me smile knowing that I have moved to the present and that I am living life…..and it is “a life worth breathing”!

How about you? How often do you remember the journey to the studio, the gym, work, your mom’s or any other destination that comes to mind? Maybe today or tomorrow on your way “someplace” you will get situated in your car, turn the radio off  and notice your surroundings. 

As always, replies are appreciated.  Please type them in the “Leave A Reply” box below this blog.

Now get out there and learn to drive with your feet!!!  I mean…..oh you know!


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