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Running like the wind...or at a minimum like F.G. himself!!

We are offering a 21-Day SPRING into Yourself program at our studio from April 1 – April 21.  All classes will be taught by the absolutely fabulous and talented Lois Parker Carmona. It follows the concept that it takes 21 days to form/break a habit.  Apparently scientific studies have been done and proven that the brain’s neuroconnections and neuropathways only accept new data after doing the same thing 21 days in a row. I’m totally serious here…and Self Awakening Yoga Studio is not the first to give it a whirl.  Looks like Dr. Maxwell Maltz discovered it some time ago. Directly from Dr. Maltz , “Brain circuits take engrams (memory traces), and produce neuroconnections and neuropathways only if they are bombarded for 21 days in a row. This means that our brain
does not accept new data for a change of habit unless  it is repeated each day for 21 days (without missing a day).”

A review of his groundbreaking book/theory states, “Particularly enlightening – and applicable to so many vital situations in life – is Maltz’ identification of the ’21 day’ phenomenon: the fact that the human mind takes almost exactly 21 days to adjust to a major life change, universally – whether it’s a negative like a loss of a limb or a loved one, a change of employment or residence, or positive like entering into a new romantic relationship.”  And I’m adding my own life changes here – fitness, better health, etc.

Now…I have never heard of Dr. Maltz before so don’t jump on the bandwagon and buy the book, cd’s, autographed photos and tee-shirts….well unless you want to that this….but certainly not on my recommendation.  I did a simple google search on the 21-day theory, liked what I read and presto, magic, here it is in my blog!


For an idea to become a habit you must do it for at least 21 days.

The first seven days will be the understanding period

  • When your old way of thinking continuously rises up to resist the new understanding

The second seven days will be the practicing period

  • When you become ready to give the new understanding a chance; you honestly start the practice, living it inside and outside

The third seven days will be the experience!

  • Where you will really see the  results of your practice

Don’t wait for life to happen to you…go beyond your normal comfort level and awaken the unknown hidden potential in yourself that creates and bolts a powerful shift in your consciousness, long-term!

Face your fears….learn about yourself from the inside out.  Transform yourself!!!

Now I was going to tie this all in to something about me…I know BIG surprise, right…but got off track.  Ohh…kay….I’m back…SO…

I have been planning to get up 2 – 3 mornings per week to walk/run to get in shape for a 5k road race in May. This plan started on January 18th which has provided me with at least 25 – 30 opportunities…give or take, right?

And before work is the only time I can run, but it has proven to be quite the struggle to get out of my warm, snuggly bed…in the cold…in the dark….to…gulp….exercise at 5:30 in the Ante Meridiem (BEFORE noon)!

Seriously, is that even legal in NH???

In my mind it must not be legal because as of this moment I have gotten up exactly…..wait for it…..wait for it…….(sounding like my 13-year old granddaughter!) ZERO times! Yep….you heard me ZEEEROW!

I do have VERY valid reasons, though, which I am happy to share with you.  And these are the SOLID ones!

a) it’s too cold

b) it’s too dark

c) it’s too early

d) it’s too early

e) it’s too early

You see the common theme right??? But if the 21-day concept holds true,  this could be the break through opportunity I need to make it happen. I can join the other habit-seeking folks who have already signed up for this program and TOGETHER we will form a habit that just may get us to our finish line(s)! So I will be up and at em , SIR…YES SIR…this Friday morning at 5:30 Ante Meridiem!! Whose with me??

And leaving you with these profound words from Forrest himself:  “My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”


Peace and warmth,




2 comments on “RUN BARBARA RUN!!

  1. Lois
    March 30, 2011

    this is great, Barb! i’m looking forward to our first run together after April 21st! Will be AWE… some!

    • selfawakeningyogastudio
      March 30, 2011


      Thank you for the feeback. You have truly INSPIRED me to get in the habit of early morning activity to get back on the road again. I would LOVE to run with you!!!

      Peace and warmth,


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