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Saluting the Sun Over The Next 20 Days!

You may have noticed that I did not blog yesterday.  That’s because I was resting up for my first EARLY morning 21-day journey with Lois and company.  And EARLY it was….plus it was dark, and cold, and it was SNOWING….you heard me right….SNOWING….and this was no April Fool’s Day joke.  This was for real….3 – 4 inches of snow when we woke up and still snowing to beat the band on my 5:30 A.M. drive to the studio. But having lived in New England for…well…let’s just say enough years not to get very fussed about this early fall snow…it barely registered as an obstacle. It is, after all, going to be near 50 tomorrow so, buh-bye snow!

Plus I was really proud to be up and at em! And I was so excited about starting my journey that I didn’t even need the alarm.  Well..truth be told, my completely fabulous husband brought me coffee…..bedside…and the sound of the coffee cup gently and lovingly landing on my night stand served as my alarm.  I know…tough life right?

Anyway…I organized everything last night…got up after bedside coffee…got as far as my car and realized….

 a) I had not programmed the studio thermostat to come on at 5:30 am, which meant a cold studio and

 b) I didn’t have my keys!!! 

And somehow…I was running late…and the roads were slick! UGH!!

Now…those of you who know me even a teeny little bit know that I see everything in life as a sign…a sign that things happen as they are meant to. I’m not always sure at the exact moment of the sign what is “meant to be” but I am convinced 99.9% of the time that this is how life works. I know it’s kind of weird, but what can I say??  That’s me (+:

 But these two signs…well, they actually gave me pause for thought and just this once, for the briefest of seconds, I thought…perhaps it’s not a sign at all (my husband’s voice in my brain echoing this very sentiment), perhaps it’s simply me being A DOPE!!  The heat is one thing…but the keys??  I began to plan an external yoga practice….in the dark, cold, snowy parking lot. And then just like that….NOPE….it’s a sign that in spite of these obstacles I am meant to be on this journey.  So I called Lois, who was already on her way and SHE HAD HER KEYS!!!  Plus she would get there in enough time to warm up the studio.  Whew….no outdoor yoga AND the promise of  warm studio!!!

Now I can hear most of you quietly thinking…okay Lois coming to the rescue doesn’t mean Barb’s not a dope, right?  Come on…you can admit it, and I can take it.  And while you could be right…not saying you are…it came to me that what was meant to be was.  Here’s why:

 Lois really, really, REALLY does not love, or even like to teach in the early morning, but there she was, facing her doubts and stepping up as the responsible adult here.  So see….the sign is that Lois, in spite of her trepidation, is absolutely meant to be leading us on this journey…by being early, being prepared and welcoming us with the brightest smile imaginable!  And by-the-way…Lois also woke up without an alarm….without coffee bedside and yet…. there she was totally on top of her A game ready to teach the absolute, most energizing, fantastic yoga class EVER!

And teach she did!  There we were, the 5 of us at this illegally early time of day, putting our faith and trust in Lois’s ability to show us how right we were to come to our mats on day 1 of 21…..early spring snow be darned….and simply breathe and be right where we were meant to be.  It was truly amazing, energizing, emotionally moving….totally YOGA!!

And this was only the first day! Imagine the endless possibilities that await us as we discover the essence of ourselves on day 2, and 3, and 4 ALL THE WAY to the 21st day.  WOW!!!

Happy Class!

So…to say we were thrilled and already seeing the possibilities is an understatement.  The picture to the left depicts how this experience moved us and while I cannot speak for the others… I am STILL jazzed at 1:30 in the afternoon.

See that SUPER OHM badge at the bottom of this post?  That’s for all of you who get up every, single day and breathe, move, and love!! No matter what your goal or activity is….the mere fact that you are getting up everyday and doing something healthy gives you SUPER OHM status!

Watch for each day’s experience here over the next 20 days. 

Or better yet….COME AND JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and warmth,



SUPER OHM - Embracing All That Exists!

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