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Hard to imagine, but Day 2 was better than Day 1 and if you read yesterday’s blog you know how much we LOVED Day 1! In fact I was still high on yoga when I got home at 7 pm last night.

And bonus:  no snow, the heat was on, it was light (9:30 class) I had my keys and once again all the participants came to class and we were joined with others who came to practice yoga on this beautiful Saturday morning.  The studio was full the energy was flowing…and so were we!

After class we had our first official meeting and it was equally as great.  We shared our goals, expectations, excitment about the transformation we will go through and even our fears.  We talked about eating clean, the 2-day fruit cleanse and which yoga asana (pose) we find most challenging  and really, really want to do.

We reviewed Week 1 and Lois’s thoughts below.

The first seven days will be an UNDERSTANDING period.
• when your old way of thinking continuously rises up to resist new understanding.


Getting present to what is. Observing without judgments. Noticing how you actually feel in the moment – physically, mentally, emotionally.  See what happens when you become a curious observer of yourself, how you feel and what you think you know.  Make room for new understanding.

And making room we are!!

Peace and warmth,



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