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Lois's Doodle - our new group logo!

It may just have been me, but I would swear..(well not literally )…it was easier to get up this morning for Day 3….and it was Monday. PLUS it was still cold, still dark, and still early but with a decidedly different twist to it.

As I opened my eyes…..and realized I was awake….the corners of my mouth turned up to form a smile…and I thought….what’s this all about?? And then it hit me…..YOGA!!! At 6:00 A.M. with my new friends!!!  Yippeee!!!!

Ummm….I feel like I should take a step back here and let you know that if you have this image of me literally jumping up out of bed and raising my arms in triumph….you know like Sly Stallone in the original Rocky movie?… would have the wrong image.

I did smile and I did get excited and…..yes…..there was even a little “yippee” in there…but I am human after all and still had to convince my body to play along with my mind and heart.  So there was a bit of a struggle going on.

But once I was up I never looked backed.  I definitely had a spring in my step, a song in my heart…..oh…okay I maybe not, but I was happy and motivated NOT to let “my new group” down….I just love the sound of that…. “my new group” 

And I think they feel the same way because every one of them comes through the door with a smile on their face….and they do have a spring in their step.  And the energy, passion and friendship is growing each time we come together as a group….such a good thing.  The feeling of accomplishing what we set out to do…getting up early, going to the studio, and breathing appears to be collectively worth the effort of making this shift in our daily routine.

I couldn’t be any more pleased than I am right now…and it’s only DAY THREE!!!!!  Imagine the possibilities. 


Peace and warmth,


PS – The doodle above is Lois’s creation and we all loved it so much….felt it represented each of us so well….that will be our T-shirt design!!  See what you are missing????

Could be any one in the group!!!


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