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Day 4 of 21 Days to SPRING Into Yourself Program!

Before I get started…..for those who have come “late to the party”, Lois is the inspiration behind the 21-day program currently happening at the studio and that is her doodle above.  Oh…and she teaches every class….man does she teach!

The doodle represents and captures the essence of what is happening at the studio every morning at 6:00 A.M….. all of us bursting forth to create this new habit and alter our daily routine in a healthy and meaningful way.

The doodle will appear in this daily blog and will accompany all other written communication about the 21-day program.  And will be screen printed on our T-shirts!! What you are not able to see in the doodle…because I am technically challenged….is the beautiful color scheme that accompanies this delightful spring flower and without the full effect, you kind of lose…well…the full effect.  SO I am working on that, but until I conquer the application, this black and white version is accurate in capturing the essence of our journey and transformation!

A quick review of the 21-DAY CONCEPT

For an idea to become a habit you must do it for at least 21 days.

The first seven days will be the understanding period

  • When your old way of thinking continuously rises up to resist the new understanding

The second seven days will be the practicing period

  • When you become ready to give the new understanding a chance; you honestly start the practice, living it inside and outside 

The third seven days will be the experience!

  • Where you will really see the  results of your practice

 Don’t wait for life to happen to you…go beyond your normal comfort level and awaken the unknown hidden potential in yourself that creates and bolts a powerful shift in your consciousness, long-term!  Face your fears….learn about yourself from the inside out.  Transform yourself!!!

Now……on to Day 4….

Let me start by saying that last night was perhaps the best night’s sleep I have had in months…..and I am not exaggerating here …MONTHS! It was a full, peaceful night’s sleep that left me feeling totally refreshed and rejuvenated when the alarm (that lovely coffee cup kissing my night stand) sounded at 4:45 A.M.

Another smile appeared on my face without my even realizing it, but this morning I recognized it immediately for what it is….excitement that my journey is well under way.  And it came entirely from the inside and found its way to the outside; both corners of the mouth turning up in a smile without being prompted! In the words of my eldest grandson….”SICK!”

Still dark, still cold, and yes…still very early, but….I didn’t mind….or at least I minded less than Day 3, which I minded less than Day 2 which I minded less than Day 1!  A slight spring (pun intended…get it….21 days to spring into yourself) to my step; shoulders back, lowest belly muscles in and a hearty good morning from the shower as I stepped under the warm, pulsating waterfall that welcomed me to the new day and possibilities that lay ahead!

 As I drove to the studio this morning pondering the start of this transformation, a deeper realization began to take hold….I think the first seven days are beginning to recede and my old way of thinking is giving way to this new experience. I’m already sleeping better, I am paying more attention to the fuel I feed my body, my breath is making a deeper connection with my asanas (poses), my core is learning its job,  and I keep feeling like I have the best kept secret!  And it’s only Day 4!! 

Truth be told….I always was an overacheiver……..wait….that’s my controlling nature, that I conveniently disguise as overacheiver”dom”…..but that’s a story for another day and one of the main reason I came to my mat so many years ago!  The point is…I am loving what’s going on more than I thought I would at this point!  And I think my “classmates” are too. 

In fact, if any of my classmates are following this blog, it would be so GREAT to have you comment in the Leave A Reply box below. Let’s make this an interactive blog.  Who knows?? Maybe it is just me!  Our readers deserve an unbiased perspective which is hard for me to provide because I am really having the best time EVER!! 

See that little girl below?  That’s me…a little shorter, just a “tad” younger, and of course my hair is a bit darker, but that is me, on this journey!!

Stay tuned for Days 5 – 21 and of course….thank you for taking the time to be a part of this experience.

Peace and warmth,


In the words of Sam Cooke (sort of) ....We're havin' a the studio!


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