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Look at me!!

And here it is….the technocolor version of Lois’s doodle.  A thing of beauty isn’t it?  I would love to claim credit for solving the technical difficulty….but, alas….. it wasn’t me.  None-the-less here it is and every morning I raise my arms and root my feet on my mat this is how I imagine I look…..big smile and all!

On to Day 5……
Wednesday….hump day….middle of the week day and I have to be honest….a day fraught with a possible “call out” or two.  Now this is not a reflection of our collective commitment….. just a thought that visited me while I reviewed what to expect during the first 7 days….that “old voice” saying “It’s okay to miss one day…look how good you have been doing…come on…just close your eyes”.
The first seven days will be the understanding period…When your old way of thinking continuously rises up to resist the new understanding
Which is why I thought, as I stepped into the shower at 5:00 am,  if there is going to be a day where one of us sleeps in this could be it.  Not exactly sure why other than Wednesday just has that feel about it, doesn’t it? I know when I was a gym rat and did cardio 5+ days per week, Wednesday was one of my days off.  Perhaps to split the week?  Not really sure…just  the way it was.
BUT…contrary to my minor doubt…. everybody was in attendance and we also had a drop in!  Very exciting, and here’s why:
“We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up ev’rybody and sing

Sorry…couldn’t resist throwing in a little music!! Seriously though, it is because we are a group…..moving together in the same

direction…drawing from each other’s energy and presence….respectful of one another from the crown of our heads to the four corners of our feet each and every day….we are in it to win it…to finish it and to be better as result!!!
That is not to say that a couple of us didn’t have vision of sugar plums…oops….wrong story….visions of sleepfulness (my very own made up word) dancing in our heads.  I have to admit that I had a brief second where I thought….as long as Lois is there……and then with my eyes still closed, I turned each corner of mouth up into a smile,  saw Lois’s doodle, the studio, my group greeting the sun and all of sudden getting up was no problem.
And I wasn’t alone… of the students did confess that she hit the snooze button multiple times thinking….missing one day won’t be the end of the world..but then she thought about the rest of us and how much she is getting from her experience and just like that…presto chango she came.
Yet another student asked if Wednesday was “savasana day” which resulted in a lot of hopeful smiles.  For those who don’t know, savasana is the final resting pose at the end of most yoga classes, where you lie flat on your back in total surrender and reverence of yourself and your practice.  So…we were all feeling hump day, and yet………we came together and saluted the sun…once it came up that is!
There really is nothing that compares to the draw of others to keep you on your path; that and doing something that you really love and we all love our  early morning yoga.  We arrive in the dark ; we see the sun begin its rise during the middle of class and by the end of class the sun is beaming at us….as if we are responsible for it’s rising each morning.  Beautiful!
And, true to Lois’s talent, she knew just what we needed this Wednesday morning and she delivered an absolutely perfect class ….a little slower….a bit more introspective….and full of breath, energy, passion, vibration and of course a wonderful savasana!
Please feel free to continue practicing vicariously through my blogs or better yet…..GET UP AND SALUTE THE SUN WITH US!!! 
Peace and warmth,

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