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So…this morning, consecutive day #5 (day 8 in the program) proved to be a tad challenging  for little ole’ me.  When the coffee cup alarm went off  I  had to put a bit more effort into turning each side of my mouth up into a smile and I am pretty sure it was MUCH darker this morning than the other mornings and WAY earlier.  And while I didn’t spring out of bed, I did have the vision of the studio and my group in mind. And it was warmer…so I had that going for me.  But I want to be totally honest here and let you know that the cracks felt like they were beginning to show.

And then I arrived…landed actually…… in the studio and the magic happened.  The scent of incense, the energy of those who came before me, my mat, and everything that makes the experience just what it is took over.
Then the other student began to arrive; bright(er) eyed AND bushy-tailed and without even recognizing the transformation it occurred.  My breath deepened, my shoulders dropped and I was right where I needed to be. Amazing….the true essence of yoga and it all it has to offer.
And a practice that fit each one of us perfectly on this 5th day in a row emerged….just enough of a challenge but not too much.  Interestingly enough, Lois mentioned after class that she had a more energetic flow planned for us but just couldn’t seem to bring it forth.  And I replied that’s because our energy shifted her intention for us.  We needed something different; communicated that through our energy and bodies and together we created the perfect practice for all of us…including the teacher!  Again….only in yoga!
So thank you all for your strength, grace, courage and commitment.  I wouldn’t have done it without you and can’t wait for tomorrow…partly cause we get to sleep in – class isn’t until 9:30 – and partly because I will be teaching and get to drink you all in!!
Until then,
Peace and warmth,

2 comments on “WE ALL HAVE OUR DAYS!

  1. Lois Parker Carmona
    April 8, 2011

    Well said, Barb. Really neat to look back at the past five days of consecutive practice — fills me with such love for you all. You’re amazing yogis to be with early in the morning. I’m loving EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of these 21 days!

    Can’t wait until tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you from my mat!

  2. selfawakeningyogastudio
    April 8, 2011

    Ahhh…Lois…we feel exactly the same toward you. Not sure anybody else could have been a more perfect fit! THANK YOU for giving so much of yourself.

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