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So much for writing daily, right?  Well…interruptions happen even to the well-intended. Picking up where I left off.

Saturday….GREAT class.  This was a regularly scheduled class so in addition to the 21-day warriors (my new and loving name for us!) were fellow warriors seeking yoga on a fabulous Saturday morning.

I actually had the pleasure of teaching so Lois could experience, well….the experience, and what an experience it was! The studio was FULL and the energy and vibration were LOUD in the very best way imaginable.  Lots of positive chatter, old friends and new getting acquainted and re-acquainted.  It was beauty personified.  And I’ll let you in on a  little secret….I was nervous about teaching this class.  Not sure why, since I have taught lots and lots of classes, but I went to bed nervous and woke up nervous.  Maybe because I was teaching those that I had been practicing with for 8 days?  Who knows??  But I have to tell you the moment I called class to attention the nerves turned into passion and I never looked back!

These beautiful students were smiling, sweating, grimacing a teeny bit, but all in all they were so in the moment and so in their breath, I felt like I was riding their wave.  Only in yoga can I read the “energy” of the class, literally latch onto it, like its alive and full of vibration, and before I know what has happened, their energy takes actually directs the class flow.  MAN…..It is something else!

And after class the 21-day warriors gathered for our meeting to discuss week one, the upcoming week, who is/isn’t doing the voluntary fruit cleanse and just exactly what we thought so far.  The result??  Smiles, excitement, trepidation, but overall we collectively are noticing and loving the transformation.  And curious about how we take the understanding from week one and apply it to week 2.   

The second seven days will be the practicing period – When you become ready to give the new understanding a chance; you honestly start the practice, living it inside and outside

Which we did this morning. 

Typical Monday morning…the weekend was too short, it seemed darker, earlier and colder (even though it was 48 at 4:45 am!!) It’s just that whole Monday experience. And don’t forget, we did get to sleep in Saturday, class wasn’t until 9:30 and Sunday, our day off…so Monday seemed, at least to me, even more of a challenge. body did not want to cooperate.  My lower back was tight, which meant my hips and hamstrings were also tight and when class started each move was….well……not embraceable, if that makes any sense.  It did to me.  Interestingly enough though, I began to think about my first week, what I had learned and applied that to what I am now beginning to understand….that I had to work very hard at modifying my movements in honor and respect for where my body was this morning.  And I did, but my ego kept jumping in front of my inner wisdom to say, “come on, you can do a high push up with knees up” and “you call that chair pose??”  you know, typical ego trash talkin”…..but I deepened my breath and my resolve and overrode that pesky ego and transformed what could have been a really tough class into a beautiful learning experience between me, myself, and I! 

So thank you Lois, fellow 21-day warriors, Saturday day morning warriors and week one for helping me make the necessary adjustment for the beginning of week 2!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE YOGA????????????????

Peace and warmth,


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