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Day 11 and I got to teach for a change.  Lois could not be with us and asked me to sub for her.  And I have to tell you I was a bit nervous because Lois is a tough act to follow.

But as is the case with teaching, the moment I stepped to the front of the class and looked at my fellow warriors, something clicked, maybe my 10 days of practice, maybe their acceptance of me, or both.  But it was energetic, powerful, and I hope fun!

I missed being on my mat, but really appreciated the opportunity to teach to those I have been practicing with since April 1st. It was wonderful to share what I have learned from Lois over these 11 days and share it in this way.

So thank you Lois for choosing me as your sub and thank you fellow warriors and guests for the wonderful applause at the end of class.  You were all warm, welcoming and beautiful!

See you mat-side (actually, mat-top)  tomorrow morning…bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6 A. M.!!

Peace and warmth,



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This entry was posted on April 13, 2011 by in breath.
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