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You may not be a product of the 80’s…like Hanz and Franz who coined the title of this blog on Saturday Nigh Live, or when P.C. stood for Personal Computer, rather than Political Correctness, but if you are, you would have LOVED Lois’s class on Saturday.

It was inspired by the music of the 80’s complete with Lois’s Flashdance Shirt.  Very eclectic and energetic class. And TOTALLY different from anything I had ever done before. But I have to admit, my high-to-low and up-to-down seemed so much lighter and I couldn’t help but tap my toes in downward dog when Footloose came on.  In fact every pose took on its own look and feel…almost separate from me. A truly unique experience!  I’m sorry you all missed it!

Sunday was our day off…at least from Yoga at the studio that is…but some of us remained very active in our mind and body.

Monday…..oh Monday…tough day for all of us.  Low energy, stiff bodies, all of us wanting to stay in Balasana (child’s pose) for the entire 60 minutes, but nobody wanted to ask!  And yet..there we were at 6:00 A.M. still committed to our journey together.  And fortunate that Lois sensed where we were….or were not….and delivered a perfect class for our body and mind.  Slow, precise, introspective and a genuine honor to our physical being. And when we were done, we barely realized we had practiced! 

Today was 180 of yesterday.  We full of it energy, excitement and a little trepidation because our 21-day journey together is quickly coming to an end.  That’s right folks….only two days left!  And honestly?  It really has gone by super fast.  And while some of will continue practicing at 6:00 A.M. on Tuesday and Thursday, it won’t be nearly the same as practicing 6 days in a row for 3 weeks which in and of itself is beyond special! Anyway…lots of energy and Lois, true to her talent, tapped into it and not surprisingly created yet another perfectly fantastic class! 

Ahh…yoga; Lois; friends; community and this true and deep sense that we have accomplished something we didn’t think possible.  With the last two days to go.

In the words of G.I. Joe from the 80’s….”And knowing is half the battle”!

Peace and warmth,



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