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Here we are…next to last day of our 21-day journey and we cannot believe how fast it has gone by!

We are already beginning to savor every pose, every breath, and every moment together. Taking it slower to stretch out these last two days together.

And we are honestly a bit sad about the end of this journey….and at the same time excited about this new habit, the internal power we have created, the external strength we are seeing, and all the work we did here together!

I just noticed this morning that my inner core is stronger and my outer core is actually firmer!  Yippee!!!  And that’s not all!  I swear…well not really in a profane way…but I am certain that I have gained at least an inch in height…and I REALLY need the inch!

No…I didn’t actually grow and inch…it comes from being aware of my alignment, standing straighter, shoulders back, core engaged, chin up….basically the effects of YOGA!!

And my lungs are stronger, my breath is deeper, and all-in-all life seems better!  As you have heard me say before…..only in yoga!

So tomorrow is it…our final day together….as a group that  is. Some of us will continue our early morning practice on Tuesday and Thursday, using all we have learned and become on our continued journey.

But still…..a tad sad about closing this door, but definitely looking forward to opening the new door because we are ready…..we are warriors….we are YOGI’S!

Until tomorrow,

Peace and warmth,



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This entry was posted on April 20, 2011 by in asana, balance, breath, Compassion, enlightenment, Flexibility, health, inner peace, Life, Lightness, observe.
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