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I was at a Wellness Seminar yesterday and one of the Sponsors asked two questions:

  1. “How many of you are preparing for your financial retirement?” And everybody raised their hands; even those who really aren’t, but didn’t want to be the only ones not raising their hand. They seemed obvious to me, because their hands were only half raised and they had that “deer in the headlight” look as if they had been “found out”. But don’t worry, I didn’t say anything or even stare at them….for long!
  2. “How many of you are preparing for your healthy retirement?” Guess how many raised their hands this time? Two!  The sponsor and me.  To be fair though, I have been involved in Wellness Initiatives for the past 10 years, so I had an inside track, and of course the sponsor knew the answer because she asked the question.

Yep…we were the only two…there were those half-raised folks again who jumped out front this time, but when they looked around and saw only my hand…they quickly dropped theirs, happy NOT to be raising their hands this time… as if they knew something I didn’t…. amusing..

Here’s what’s really interesting, at least to me.  It wasn’t that the rest of the group isn’t planning for their healthy retirement, it’s just that they did not know what she meant.  And once she explained the concept only a few light bulbs illuminated. 

I am not writing this to “call out” those in the room, who given their obvious disconnect from “Wellness” in general may not be the best choice to champion their workplace Wellness Program (well, maybe a teeny, tiny bit I am), I am writing to say how much I love this concept.  In fact, I love it so much, I am stealing it. Yep…all over it…using it on my website, in promotional materials, in e-mails and conversations, you name it..I’m sharing the concept!

So…think about it yourself as you read this blog.  Are you planning for you healthy retirement??  What does it even mean, right?? In fact thinking about it may make you a tad uncomfortable…just a tad because deep down, you sort of, kind of know what  it means and you sort of, kind of know that you need to be doing it, but…..

Let me give a friendly, little nudge.  Picture yourself retired, in your new smaller home, perhaps on the ocean, a lake or golf course…maybe you bought a house boat; or planned a cruise, a move closer to the grandkids?  The sun is shining, blue sky, slight breeze, the grandkids or your friends or signficant other want to go out and “play” and finally….FINALLY…you have the time, in fact nothing but time, right?  BUT…because you didn’t plan for your healthy retirement, you can’t keep up, go out, leave the oxygen tank, insulin kit etc.  

Why not be in a position to enJOY your retirement financially and physically?? Climbing the highest mountain?  Swim with the sharks (or is it dolphins?? I get confused!), Visit an authentic Ashram in India (that’s my projection!), Hang glide…Parasail….you fill in the picture for your own healthy retirement!

Find a modified eating and fitness plan that  you can follow FOR LIFE…nothing radical, something moderate.  Take it slow, make a plan and FORGIVE yourself when you have those moments when choosing the comfort food was the right decision….as long as they are fewer and fewer.

Whether it is yoga, running, walking cycling, swimming, tennis, kayaking, eating less refined sugars, giving up soda, eating more fruits/veggies….keep your eye on the prize and plan for your healthy retirement.. the time is NOW!

Peace and warmth,




  1. Julia Finnegan
    April 29, 2011

    Awesome! I concur 🙂

    • Glad you like the concept Julia. Thank you for taking the timet read the blog and taking the time to reply.

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