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Oldest man in the world!

I read a blog yesterday titled “19 Ways To Create Good Karma”. The list was useful, simple, and powerful.  A nice reminder of the simple ways we can make a difference not only for ourselves, but those around us.  It went something like this (and I’m paraphrasing here…cause my memory isn’t what it used to be):

Do something fun with a kid

Pick up litter in your neighborhood

Pray – for every living thing in the universe…daily

Get out of bed in a good mood – this is one of my favorites because I make it a point to smile every morning when I wake up…it takes a couple of minutes for me to realize that I am awake and then I have to get past being grumpy about being awake, but then comes the smile….and this all happens in a span of 2 – 3 seconds.  but what a difference it makes.  Try it next time  you wake up…so simple…just turn both corners of your mouth up and see what you get.

Don’t tell lies

Appreciate nature

Give somebody a hug…just for the hug of it (I made the last part up cause….well…I felt like it and I thought it was cute(+:)

Don’t start fights

These are just the ones I remember. ….again…..the simple, yet powerful things we can do each day to affect a difference in our little corner(s) of the world.

But this one really gave me pause for fact it actually evoked a strong enough response from me that I commented to the author…a comment similar to what you will read below but much shorter.

Give a special twinkle to everyone over 60. Of course acknowledging and smiling at everyone is the ideal way to go but, go on, make it a point to send some extra loving vibes and compassion to our local oldie but goodies.

Hmmm…when did 60 become the threshold that labels us “oldies but goodies” I wondered?  Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE the idea of giving a special twinkle to everyone….I try to do that every single day.  True story.  Each day I give somebody I have never met, but am simply passing by, a big, wide, bright smile.  Sometimes they smile back, sometimes they frown and sometimes they turn and run the other way(sheesh…could I look that scary??)…..but I have to admit that I never thought about targeting a particular age group….or gender for that matter.  I just see another human being and I twinkle….well….I might not actually twinkle since I am not sure what that looks like without special effects, but I do smile brightly.

Here’s why I paused for thought.  I know many people over 60…in fact…way over 60, who put us young uns to shame.  My mother, at 86 this June, is still driving, playing competitive cards (okay the highest ante is a buck…but still they are very fierce competitors…btw…she’s the youngest in the group!), and is the President of her Condo Association.  Some of you, my readers, and yoga students are beyond 60 and can bust out a wheel, head stand, or dancer like you were 20, 30 and 40. 

One of our former Presidents went sky diving to celebrate his 85th birthday.  And what about 81 year-old Clarence Hartley, a cancer survivor, who ran the Boston marathon last month?? In fact…he didn’t even run his first marathon until he was 75 and he finished in 4:09:36. And guess what?? He gets faster every year.

Montana citizen Walter Breuning, the oldest man in the world at 114 according to news reports in 2010,  STILL walks every day! His memory is sharp, he is very kind and he attributes his longevity to good health and smiling when he wakes up every morning…JUST KIDDING!  But he sure does have a reason to smile, right?

And…since you asked…I didn’t get my bachelor’s degree until I was 44!  I was the only grandmother stepping on stage to accept my degree but busting with the same pride and appreciation as the “young uns”. 

But…this isn’t about me…which is a shame because I could go on and on…this is about, in the words of Aretha Franklin,  R-E-S-P-E-C-T and a little recognition wouldn’t hurt either.  Respect and recognition for experience, for achievements, simply for being in the elite over 60 group.  That’s really, in my opinion, how our “mature” citizens should be thought of….as elite…because…well…darn it all…they are.

Here is the response from Tanya Lee Markul, author of “19 ways to create good karma” .  She clearly had no idea that her comment, which was meant in the best of ways, would evoke a response such as mine.  Perhaps I took #12 of 19 out of context….it wouldn’t be the first time….but the fact of the matter is, I did and wanted to share it with her, with you…and let those over 60 know they are not oldies, ….they are simply goodies who have been on the earth longer than those under 60!

So…go ahead and share that special twinkle with everybody…every day….no matter…..period!

But do remember to give reverence to those who deserve it…who have earned it….who have paved the way and given us something to aspire to. 

Peace and warmth,



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