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Bill, one of my muti-talented yoga teachers, offered to host a special yoga class once per month in his regular Forrest Style Class time slot on Sunday afternoons.  The once per month class is designed to focus on specific yoga postures, body areas and breath work.  And since I LOVE unique offerings that cannot always be found in our local area, I immediately said “Yes”! 

This particular style of Yoga class is called a “Master Class”, but both Bill and I felt the name had the potential to be intimidating to those who have never attended a Master Class and might think it’s a) waaay too hard for them, or b) they are not masters and, therefore, should not attend.

And so began our search for just the right name.  A name that describes the class in its title….like a company name that is descriptive enough to tell you what the company does, like Self Awakening Yoga Studio.  No doubt what we are doing at 352 South Broadway in Salem NH, right?

So we put it to the teacher group at Self Awakening and they came up with some pretty good ideas.  And while I was not at all crazy about Yoga Laboratory, “coined” by Lois Parker Carmona, it kept popping up.  And most importantly Bill really liked it  and he was, after all, going to be teaching it. 

I try really, really hard not to dictate, overrule, or guide my teaching staff away from their ideas (and it’s not always easy for me), but I have to tell you, I really, really didn’t like this name.  Without analyzing it too much, I was pretty sure it was simply my aversion to being in the lab in high school.  The lab just wasn’t my favorite place to be. There was just too much potential for things to go drastically wrong – like explosions and stink bombs, not to mention the dissecting of small animals.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a long-standing member of PITA and I don’t have a love for small lab animals or anything like that, dissecting is, how shall I put it,“icky…ewww…blek”. Eloquently put if I do say so myself. On a side note and ironically enough I currently have 2 hamsters, a spiny mouse, 2 frogs and 9 fish at home….hmmmm….I bet Freud would have a field day with that!

But..back to Bill and what he thought would pique the communities curiosity enough to attend and benefit from the class. With the new name in tow, Bill wrote a GREAT class description (pasted below) and we advertised, talked it up and waited to see what the attendance would be like.

 On the first Sunday of each month (except this first one!), in our Forrest Style time slot, Bill will expand the class to two to offer our exciting “Yoga Laboratory”.

You read it right, Self Awakening Yoga Studio’s “Yoga Laboratory”.

But no worries, we will not be dissecting plants, growing specimens in a Petri dish, or any other activities that come to mind when you hear the word “laboratory”; although, I do have to admit that sounds like fun!

So what is a Yoga Laboratory you ask? Just like a scientific laboratory is an environment for exploring and proving new theories, our Yoga Laboratory is an opportunity to explore our bodies, our spirits and our yoga practice in a new and exciting way. The lessons we learn here can be applied on and off the mat in an infinite number of ways.

Each two hour Yoga Laboratory class will have a different theme. Some weeks we may focus on exploring or opening a particular part of the body and other weeks we may explore a specific emotional or spiritual aspect of our practice.

We’re hoping that you’ll use these special extended classes as an opportunity to approach your practice in a new way, learn something new about yourself and build a foundation to go deeper in your daily practice.

These classes are suitable for anyone from beginners to experienced yogis. While we may explore advanced poses from time to time, modifications will always be provided for newer students.

All you need to bring is yourself, an open mind and your natural curiosity. So come prepared to explore and learn and take your practice and your life to a new level.

 Wow…that really is a great piece Bill. And guess what?  It was just unique enough and piqued the curiosity of 9 students!! Four brand new and five “old hands”. A great turn out and Bill said the energy and focus was amazing. And we get to repeat it every, single month!!

Go figure, right?  A class name that would have turned me off turns on 9 bright lights.  Congratulations Bill and thank you for being, well….YOU!

Peace and warmth,



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