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ummm..out of control DOES look like more fun!

I subscribed to the blog, ZenHabits, a month or so ago and every once in a while something the author, Leo, writes about really resonates with me.    So when I read Leo’s recent blog about letting go, click on the link below, I had to share it here because it really does make a lot of sense. You see…picture me standing in the front of the room….perhaps at a podium…. as I admit, “I am a self-proclaimed Control Freak!” Now I know “they” say admitting you have a problem is the first step in correcting or “fixing” the problem, but I admitted this years ago and  still haven’t fixed it. But…hey….at least I am not in denial, right?

One of my very dear friends actually refers to me as “respectfully in charge” because a) she knows how much “control freak” pushes my buttons and b) as a dear friend she uses this term to soften the ugly truth that I am still not in control of being in control.  

Anyway….I have been working on this (not saying for how long…oh wait…is that being controlling???) and actually succeed from time to time.  Not as often as I want, but the fact that I even come close, once in a while, constitutes a small amount of success in and of itself (at least in my mind)! And like Leo says, the end results really does provide a deep sense of freedom.

One of my favorite sayings, not sure where it came from, is “short of a lobotomy, we are who we are”!  Don’t get any ideas!

So…go ahead, click and work on throwing caution to the wind!  Let me know how that works for you.  If it doesn’t work….there is always that lobotomy!

Respectfully in charge,



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