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Let the tide free you of expectations!

Another great blog from Leo Babauta that I just had to share. I have never met Leo, but I can tell you that he and would get along famously as we have very similar perspectives which have been developed through life experiences!

I have been working on letting go of expectations – along with countless other – “flaws” for ….well let’s just say a looonnngggg time.  And it’s because I find myself annoyed, frustrated, exasperated… name it ….when people don’t meet my expectations.
It is so unfair….not that they don’t meet my expectations (although I used to think that way)….that my expectations are so high….and believe me they are…even for myself!
Each time I let go of an expectation, I feel lighter, more empowered and see those in my life in a much brighter light!
There will be always those people in my life who still frustrate and annoy me, not because they don’t meet my expectations, but because there are simply annoying, frustrating people in the world.  They, instead of my expectations, just might get tossed into the ocean!  Not really, but I am working on surrounding myself with people who bring out the best in me….not the worst.  Also not easy.
Don’t get me wrong….I still fall into the same trap of having expectations and then being disappointed or worse when they are not met because it really is hard work and requires contact focus and attention, but when I do step back….magic happens! 
So I’ll keeping working it if you will. Wait…is that an expectation???
Peace and warmth,


  1. yogaleigh
    October 14, 2011

    One of my favorite teachers said the way to never be disappointed in people is to realize that “people are who they are and they do what they do.” The more you learn about who they are and what they do the less you will ever be disappointed because you expected them to be or do something else. Not always easy to remember but boy when I do it helps that frustration.

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