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I was at a Hallmark store last night, running late as usual.  Truth be told, it was my husband’s birthday and I had forgotten to a) wish him a happy birthday before leaving the house in the morning and b) to get a card!  I could not believe that after 34 years together I actually forgot it was his birthday until a friend asked me to forward her birthday wish to him!  EEEK!!

Now, in my defense, yes I feel like a need a defense here, I had a birthday party for him complete with kids/grandkids, his favorite meal, cake, cards, presents etc. So I guess in my mind I had celebrated his birth.  Hence not thinking about it on his actual birthday. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

But I digress.  So there I was running late, went into the card store, picked out the perfect card, and got in line. Only one person in front of me, a good sign, but it was not meant to be cause she had the only visible cashier tied up looking for an impossible to find Patagonia charm!  Really??? The only cashier, time is ticking away and nobody seemed at all concerned about my running late. What gives??

Before I even realized it, I exhaled the deepest and loudest Darth Vader breath you have ever heard.  If you are a yoga practitioner you know what I mean…the ojai /ocean sounding/Darth Vader like breath.  That sound and feeling we achieve if we were to fog a mirror.

Now I exhaled that Darth Vader breath to calm and slow me down. To “step back” and remind myself that these folks were not responsible for my running late and were entirely entitled to their experience.  What I didn’t realize is how loud it must have been because the woman in front of me turned slowly to make sure I was alright and the cashier just looked at me like I might just pull my light saber out from under my coat!

The dual reaction….in slow motion….took me by surprise.  I actually looked at them as if to say, “Whaa?” because I had not intended for that to come out…so to speak….or in this case breathe!

Just as I was about to explain/apologize/defend myself, the manager stepped up, opened the other register and with the calmest aura and brightest smile ever, said, “Hi, can I help you”? And with an equally big smile I said, “yes you can”.

Just like that, the moment passed. But the breath remained with me….but quieter, slower, calmer.

In the words of Darth himself,  “I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…….”

May the force be with you…..






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This entry was posted on October 13, 2011 by in breath.
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