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With access to the internet at our fingertips, there is absolutely NO reason not to be prepared for an interview. How you do anything is how you do everything.  With this in mind, if you are not prepared… is highly likely….you will NOT get the job…at least not with me as the recruiter!

I have been an HR Professional for…well…let’s just say long enough to have seen enough to perhaps write a book.But before I share some of my stories, I think the reader should know that I am a TOUGH audience.  Not very forgiving and not afraid to call you out.  I have very high standards and expectations and I am not ashamed to say so.

Here are a few interviewing tips and examples of what NOT to do in an interview….not rocket science…..not difficult…just common sense stuff…..or maybe not.

Interviewing 101:

Be on time

Candidate comes for 10 am interview at 10:11.  When i call him out on it, he says, “My GPS said I was on time”. To which I replied, “Your GPS is wrong”. To which he replies, “My GPS said I was on time”. To which I replied, “Perhaps when you pulled into the parking space your GPS was correct, but according to my Smartphone GPS, you are 11 minutes late”. Now don’t get me wrong, 11 minutes late isn’t going to be a deal breaker if the guy is a solid candidate, but when you show up for an interview, you are really saying, “Pick me, pick me”, and being late…and arguing with the HR Manager…..well… doesn’t make me want to pick him.

Do NOT wear cologne, perfume etc

I was in a small office with a candidate that REEKED of…..I’m not sure what the cologne was….but I walked out of the interview with a splitting headache and questionable stomach.  Not sure what he was hiding…or thinking but this is how I will remember him.

ALWAYS bring extra copies of your resume….into the interview with you

The same candidate, when asked if he had his resume, replied….”In the car….would you like me to go get it?  It was pouring rain and I was tempted to say yes just to teach him a lesson, but I did have a copy and saying yes just seemed like I was being mean…which I am not. Intolerant of unpreparedness? Yes, but mean?  No.

ALWAYS do your homework on your prospective company

This is self explanatory….and seriously folks…..has been SOP for….like 10+ years!  Again…with the internet at our finger tips, there isn’t anything we can’t find out.  This is a deal breaker for me.  I mean, just a little effort is all it takes.

Have a professional e-mail address kissmya^^; stonerboy@…..see where I’m going with this? Really folks??? Get a professional e-mail address, they are still free, aren’t they??

Be aware that prospective employers WILL google you, check out your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs,  and other social media venues.  Bottom line:  If your mom, kids, grandparents or significant other wouldn’t like what you post, DON’T POST IT!!  Use common sense folks.

Another self-explanatory tip…but I have to tell you….I see the most unbelievable posts that will absolutely keep the author on unemployment.

These are just a few experiences I have had….just this week and in one day.  I have years and years of material to share at a later date.



2 comments on “DEAR JOB CANDIDATES….

  1. Phyllis Moroney
    October 21, 2011

    Great article!

    • selfawakeningyogastudio
      October 29, 2011

      Thanks Phyllis! I have an addendum: This was written in a cover letter that I read just this past week: “Wright and read fluent English”! Like the cover letter that says “Close attention to detial!!”

      During and Interview for a an IT Specialist who will be responsible for the VOIP Cisco Phone System I set up a scenario to see assess problem solving technique.

      I am sure there will be more.

      Our company has a very busy call center. The phone system goes down. You call Cisco to report the outage; they tell you they will check it out and get back to you in an hour or so.

      My question to the candidates is “What do you do”? Friday’s candidate said he would wait the hour and see if Cisco calls back… sense of urgency, no other offer to solve. When asked what if Cisco didn’t call back in an hour, he replied, “I would call them back and ask what’s up.

      Really??? Not having a hard time understanding why he is still on unemployment.

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