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What’s worse, extremely cold weather or extremely hot weather?

In my case…extremely hot. Unless there is air conditioning near by. Not even a fan will work….for me that is.

I absolutely CANNOT tolerate extreme heat.  I am convinced I will spontaneously combust into red-hot particles!! 

There is simply no way to cool down.  I try slowing down my breath; staying still; not thinking about how hot it is (as if!!); wearing fewer clothes; tying my hair up……and nothing helps!

I will admit that I like working out in the extreme heat, but once my work out is over, I want a cool shower and an even cooler environment.

Extreme cold, on the other hand, offers so many options to warm up.  Even without heat I can always find ways to be more comfortable. And they are, for the most part, the opposite of my getting cooler strategies.

Increase the pace of my breath; jump around; think about a nice warm, sunny day; wear more clothes; let my hair down; rub my hands together; breathe into my hands; and I am sure there are more

What about you? Extreme hot or extreme cold???



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This entry was posted on October 21, 2011 by in breath.
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