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In 2009 my high level Human Resources job was eliminated after 7 years.  At first I couldn’t believe the company wouldn’t want to keep me…I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want to keep me??

Even though I had been miserable for the two years preceding the layoff and should have gone on my own, the ego still responds……well….like only the ego can. Disbelief, hurt, anger etc

But as it turned out, getting laid off was an absolute blessing in disguise.  It helped me learn about me, open my mind and heart and go down a path that had never occurred to me….Yoga Studio Owner.

I had been practicing yoga for almost 6 years when I was laid off and had entertained the thought of becoming a yoga teacher….somewhere down the road. You know, like when I got older and was, perhaps, looking for a hobby. But owning a yoga studio never entered my mind.

As luck, fate, karma, the universe….whatever we want to call it….would have it, the yoga studio I was going to was for sale.  And after a lot, and I do mean a lot of questioning and vacillating, I ended up buying it. And I was scared.  After all, what the heck did I know about owning and running a business?  And a yoga studio?? I spent many sleepless nights and even decided to back out of the sale. But in the end and with much support, love, and belief from others, here I am.

Two years later….LOVING my new path.  Believing in myself.  Providing a space, a sanctuary, haven, for like-minded people to discover who they are.  How to breathe, how to grow, how to appreciate, expand, and simply be. Being touched by so many, perhaps providing a brightness in their lives, but overall feeling blessed each and every day.


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This entry was posted on November 2, 2011 by in breath.
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