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It is Friday night sleepover with our two eldest grandchildren;  Isabela, 13  and Gannon, 11 3/4.  We love sleepover weekend.

It is usually every other Friday night and it has been going on since they were 2 and less than a year old.  We used to have an early dinner, bath time, a movie (pretty much every Disney movie every made) and to bed by 9.  Always snuggled 2 to a couch and carried each kid up to their bed because they hardly ever made it to the end of the movie. They woke up Saturday morning bright and early and we would share a day filled with free time together.

Boy….have they grown and have things changed!

Dinner is usually closer to 7:30 or so because they are involved in a computer game, reading a book, or watching a sitcom they have watched so often they can recite every sentence! No time for baths…may squeeze in a shower or wait until Saturday morning. And no Disney movies…unless they are feeling nostalgic…which doesn’t happen often enough for our taste.  Now we purchase movies ON DEMAND…in fact tonight we are watching the final Harry Potter movie.  Sometimes it’s a Twilight marathon.  OR if we can’t agree on a movie (we ALWAYS used to agree on a the Friday night movie when they were little) they each have a TV, DVD player and ON DEMAND in their bedroom(s), so often we are watching movies in different rooms.

Snuggling 2 to a couch?  No way! They are so big we can’t fit side by side anymore.  We can barely fit head to feet. I am sad to say that our snuggling days have come and gone.

Carrying them up because they didn’t make it till the end of the movie?  Forget about it!  First of all, Gramma and Grampa barely make it to the end of the movie and on the rare occasions we do have to carry them up….well…we can’t because they are just too big!  In fact, they would have a better chance of carrying us up!!

And getting to bed by 9?  That was SO 5 years ago!  We all go up together at 10 or 11, but they go to their bedroom(s) and watch more TV and we go to sleep!!  Thank goodness for auto timers on the new TV’s…we just have them set the time for 90 to 120 minutes and we go down the hall to our bedroom, read for a few minutes and pass out.

And now Saturday’s start at 10 or so…when they wake up.  Unless they have a sporting event…then we are up early and driving local or far away….sometime same time, different events. And we get home late in the afternoon…they go their way, we go ours.

But I have to say….we still love our Friday night sleepovers deeply and look forward to them with enthusiasm and excitement.  In fact, they are so weaved into the fabric of our lives that we dread knowing they will  come to an end…and they will.  Just like when their dad and Uncle grew and left the nest..we will have a moment in time where we will be forced to figure out what to do with our every other Friday night/Saturday. And we survived.

But until then, we will continue to be thankful for every Friday they still want to come and hang with Gram and Gramps.

Ahhh….life is SO good!

Back in the day!

A little gray around the edges,but..still having fun!


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