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When I contacted to initiate 2 great deals for my yoga studio, they asked if I would rather wait until the first of the New Year for the “tip-off”.  When I asked why that seemed like a more sound sales/marketing strategy they replied, “Nobody takes the time to go to yoga during the holiday season because they are too stressed out.”

I mulled their advice over…after all…. they are the experts in their field and I am sure they have received significant feedback from other studios who have shared their low attendance experience at this time of year.  Sounded like a sensible business decision all in all, BUT I wasn’t feeling sensible and bucked tradition by sticking with my original plan.  Tip off mid November and run the deal(s) for 6 months….covers the holiday season, passes into the new year, hits spring and touches the tip of summer.  A wide net in my opinion.

Plus…what better time for yoga then during the stressful holiday season?  What a great tool to help cope with the hustle and bustle of more traffic, longer lines, wrapping, deciding what to buy, spending money you don’t have…..I could go on and on, right?      Inevitably, your already crammed schedule is filled with work parties, family, travelling, participating in gift exchanges, baking, decorating, shopping, donating your time to help others, and everything that comes during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

So I have been planting the seed of a wonderful and healthy gift to ones self…YOGA!  I know from personal experience that my community and those around them will be much better off when they make the commitment to carve 60 – 75 minutes to themselves.  Actually putting yoga on your schedule as an appointment because  you are as important as your family, friends, co-workers, community, and everyone else who you work hard to please at this time of the year.  Yoga is certain to give you the energy and the serenity to go about your day with inner peace, achieving the things that need to get done without allowing the stress to win.

Where ever and whenever you can, go to a yoga class.  There will be more of YOU to go around during the holiday season.

I can feel the peace and serenity calling me NOW.

Yoga Elf (this is not me:)))

Tap into the breath and energy of others...leave yours for those to come.


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This entry was posted on November 21, 2011 by in breath.
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