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Students ask me all the time, what is yoga? In order to provide an answer, I first ask the question:

What do you want yoga to do for you?

  • Relieve stress?
  • Increase balance?question mark
  • Deepen flexibility?
  • Slow you down?
  • Enhance your current fitness routine?
  • Transform your body?
  • Transform you life?
  • Improve focus?

What I can tell you is that yoga does offer all the above and more! How much more comes from you and what you put into your practice, how often you come to your mat, how present you are once you arrive, how open you are to the experience.

Your answer will begin to take shape once you land on what you want yoga to do for you.

When I get the most from my practices it is almost always because I follow my own path and observe the bits and pieces below.

  • Listen, learn observe.
  • Be forgiving with yourself.
  • Get what you came for.
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to follow your own perfect pace.
  • Leave your ego behind.
  • Try everything that is offered to you.
  • Don’t worry about how you look – focus on how you feel.
  • Do not compete with your neighbor….you will be able to do poses they can’t and vice versa.
  • Accept that we are all different.
  • Open your mind and heart to the possibilities that await you on your mat.
  • Use your mat as your mirror – how you do anything is how you do everything.
  • Breathe, breathe, breathe, and then…..breathe MORE!

Put your fear of the unknown aside and come to your mat….come into yourself…learn what you want/need and then get MORE!

 You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great – Darren Natoni

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